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Consulting Services

CodeNet Consulting provides custom software solutions to clients throughout the world. We specialise in several areas in order to provide a complete solution to your business needs.


We work with Visual Basic.Net and Visual Basic 6 and develop fully featured custom applications to meet your business needs. These can even be integrated with web applications and Microsoft Office to provide enhanced reporting and usablity whilst keeping costs low.

Web Programming

Web programming work ranges from creating and designing a web site from scratch to making small adjustments to existing sites. Our areas of expertise include HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, MySQL, ASP/ASP.Net.

Recent work has been carried out for:

We also have a large amount of experience in working with the vBulletin forum software and can modify the code to create additional functionality that fits your site's needs. Examples include a newsletter subscription option, new advanced formatting tags added to the editor and a modification that allows threads to be marked as "solved". The latter example can be seen in full in the web section of the site.

MS Office

We work with all areas of Microsoft Office and have the knowledge required to harness the power that Office has when it is used to its full extent. You've paid for a fully featured piece of software so you should get the most out of it.

For larger more compliated tasks or if a more secure solution is required we can develop COM based addins in either VB6 or

We have a particular expertise in financial solutions such as Financial Data Analysis, Option Pricing and Actuarial software. Our team includes former stock analysts and a part-qualified actuary so we have the financial knowledge required to understand your needs in this area.

Example projects include:

There are many articles on the site relating to MS Office that can be found by clicking one of the options in the Office section of the site menu.


As well as tailor-made software solutions we can provide staff training in Microsoft Office, Visual Basic for Applications or even Visual Basic 6. We will provide this at your office to keep costs low and give your staff the tools and knowledge required to create their own solutions increasing the productivity of your company.

We have trainers based throughout the UK and US. For further information on the level and cost of training that we can provide email

The Cost

Solutions in all areas can range from very small to very large. For instance some macros in Office can be from as little as $5/3.50. We carry out work on both a fixed fee and time cost basis, whichever suits you best. In either case all solutions are tailored and priced individually.

For further information or to get a quote on any of the above services email